Coffee with Chocolate

Coffee with chocolate is not just a drink, but a full-fledged dessert. It is important to choose the right ingredients. If Robusta prevails in the composition of the coffee mixture, it is better to complement it with milk chocolate. Creamy notes delicacy soften the tartness of the variety. But in contrast, it is better to add dark chocolate to the arabica. Then the taste of the drink will become even more interesting.


  • water – 300 ml
  • ground coffee – 4 tsp.
  • chocolate – 3 to 4 slices
  • sugar – to taste
coffee cup

Method of preparation:

  • Grate the chocolate on a fine grater or chop it with a knife into small pieces.
  • Pour the ground coffee and sugar into a pot, add the cold water, stir it and put it on the fire.
  • As soon as the foam starts to rise, remove the pot from the heat.
  • Add the chocolate chips and put the coffee back on the fire.
  • Wait for the coffee to boil again and immediately turn off the heat.

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