Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Your Go-To Guide for Group Coffee Runs!

The question, “How much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?” shows up frequently in the crowded coffee industry. Let’s define terms before we get into cost. You can take your favorite Starbucks brew with you on the go with a Starbucks Coffee Traveler. Because of its capacity, it’s perfect for catering events and meetings where coffee is served.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: A Starbucks Coffee Traveler normally holds about 96 fluid ounces of coffee, which is enough to serve around 12 cups. Because of its enormous capacity, it is an excellent choose for gatherings with several people who want caffeination;
  • Variety: Starbucks is aware that customers have wildly varying tastes in coffee. For this reason, the Coffee Traveler stocks a variety of drinks from the coffee chain Starbucks. A variety of roasts are available, from light to dark, including the popular Pike Place Roast. Every java connoisseur can find a blend to their liking among these options;
  • Accessories: When you order a Starbucks Coffee Traveler, you don’t only get the coffee; you also receive a collection of important accessories to enhance the coffee-drinking experience. In most cases, this entails:
CupsThe disposable cups included in the Coffee Traveler box are a nice touch. To make it simple for everyone to enjoy their freshly made Starbucks coffee, the company created these special cups.
StirrersBy supplying stirrers, Starbucks guarantees that your coffee will be properly mixed. You can use these to mix in milk, sugar, and anything else strikes your fancy.
Cream and SugarStarbucks includes packets of creamer and sugar in the Coffee Traveler to accommodate a wide range of preferences. This allows you to make your coffee just how you like it, whether that’s with sugar and cream or without.

Now that we’ve discussed the most important aspects of a Starbucks Coffee Traveler, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the product, such as its cost and how to place an order.

Pricing: How Much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

The cost of a Starbucks Coffee Traveler might change based on a number of factors, including the store’s location and the type of coffee you get. So that you can get a sense of what to expect when asking, “How much is a coffee traveler at Starbucks?” we’ll give you a ballpark estimate.

Average Price Range

  • United States: In the United States, a Starbucks Coffee Traveler will set you back somewhere between $15 and $25. This pricing range is a decent beginning point when budgeting for your coffee needs, whether it’s for a meeting, event, or gathering;
  • International: Prices in overseas places may vary dramatically from one country and its currency to another. Since Starbucks stores adjust their prices according on local economies, it’s best to contact the one nearest you for up-to-date pricing information. Currency fluctuations, local taxes, and other reasons can all cause price changes.

Important Considerations

  • Price Fluctuations: Remember that the prices of Starbucks Coffee Travelers are not set in stone and may increase or decrease at any time. Inflation, shifts in production costs, and variations in demand at the regional level are just a few of the variables that might affect prices. For the most up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended that you contact your local Starbucks or visit their website;
  • Location Variations: Prices may somewhat differ from one Starbucks shop to another, even within the same country. Reasons for the discrepancy may include regional demand, rent, or operating expenses. Contact the Starbucks location you’re interested in ordering from to receive an exact price;
  • Specialty Brews: Coffee Traveler prices may vary outside of the given range if you select a specialty coffee brew, such as Starbucks Reserve or a seasonal offering. The one-of-a-kind and high-quality ingredients used to make specialty brews typically result in a higher price tag;
  • Ordering in Bulk: If you plan on purchasing many Coffee Travelers from Starbucks, you may be eligible for bulk order discounts or other promotions. Asking about discounts or large orders is a smart move before placing an order.

Comparing Costs: How Much is a Coffee Traveler from Starbucks vs. Individual Orders?

The question, “How much is a coffee traveler at Starbucks?” is frequently asked when a large number of people need to get their caffeine fix. If you’re trying to decide between a Coffee Traveler and ordering coffee individually, it’s important to look at the prices of both options.

Cost Comparison

  • Coffee Traveler: The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a portable coffee urn ideal for serving multiple people. It usually has 96 ounces of liquid, which is enough for 12 servings of 8 ounces each. Depending on the Starbucks location, the price of a Coffee Traveler can range from $15 to $25;
  • Individual Coffee Orders: However, if you choose to order coffee by the cup instead of in bulk, you’ll only be getting one cup. The price of a single cup of coffee at Starbucks can range from $3.50 to $5.50, depending on the size and flavor you order. The average price for a cup of coffee is between $2 and $5.

Cost Savings with Coffee Traveler

To determine whether a Coffee Traveler is cheaper than individual orders, you’ll need to evaluate the size of your company and their coffee tastes. This is how much money could be saved:

  • Small Group (4-6 people): Individual orders may be more cost-effective for a small party of four to six persons if they all have distinct coffee preferences. In this situation, the per-cup price difference might be negligible;
  • Medium Group (7-10 people): If you have a group of seven to ten people, the Coffee Traveler is a cost-effective alternative to placing separate orders. The Traveler’s total price is still manageable, and it comes with a number of useful features;
  • Large Group (11+ people): For groups of 11 or more, the Coffee Traveler is the most cost-effective way to serve coffee. Coffee Travelers are the most cost-effective option because their per-cup price is far lower than that of individual orders.

Customizing Your Coffee Traveler

If you’ve ever wondered, “How much does a Starbucks Coffee Traveler cost when I add my own preferences?” you’ll be happy to hear that you can. Learn how to make your Coffee Traveler unique by:

Choice of Coffee

Coffee Travelers can choose from a variety of Starbucks coffee beverages. You can get your coffee fix with their standard offerings, which include seasonal and fan-favorite mixes. This guarantees that the coffee will be prepared to everyone’s liking.


Extra cream, sugar, syrups, and other condiments may be available for purchase at Starbucks to improve the coffee-drinking experience. Your visitors will appreciate being able to tailor their coffee experience thanks to these complements. Keep in mind that the Coffee Traveler’s final price may change somewhat if you opt to include these upgrades.

How to Order a Starbucks Coffee Traveler

A Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a handy option for meeting the coffee needs of a large gathering. Follow these measures to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • Visit Your Local Starbucks: Start by finding the closest Starbucks and paying them a visit. Find the nearest Starbucks by using the store locator on their website or mobile app. Store hours may differ depending on location, so call ahead to confirm;
  • Choose Your Brew: Starbucks has several different coffee blends available, so you should take your time deciding which one you want in your Coffee Traveler. Starbucks has a variety of coffees available, including the popular Pike Place Roast, as well as Sumatra and Blonde Roast;
  • Place Your Order: To order a Coffee Traveler, approach the counter and inform the barista of your request. Starbucks generally offers two sizes of Coffee Travelers, with one serving 8-12 cups and another 16-20 cups. Be clear about any extra requests or changes you’d like, such as having milk and sugar separately. For the best service and timely preparation, especially when ordering larger quantities for events or gatherings, it’s advisable to place your order ahead of time.


The Starbucks Coffee Traveler offers a convenient solution for group coffee needs. With its reasonable pricing, typically ranging from $15 to $25, it answers the frequent question, “How much is a coffee traveler from Starbucks?” effectively. Not only is it cost-effective compared to individual orders, but its customization options make it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Remember, the next time you’re pondering, “How much is a coffee traveler at Starbucks?” think about the convenience, customization, and value it offers. It’s the perfect pick for your next group meeting or event.


Q: How long does a Starbucks Coffee Traveler stay hot?

A: Typically, it can keep coffee hot for about 2-3 hours.

Q: Can I order a Coffee Traveler in advance?

A: Yes, it’s advisable to order ahead, especially for large orders.

Q: Is the Coffee Traveler environmentally friendly?

A: Starbucks aims to make their products eco-friendly, but always check local recycling guidelines.

Q: Are there non-dairy options available for the Coffee Traveler?

A: Yes, Starbucks offers non-dairy alternatives, but check availability at your local store.

Q: How much coffee does each Coffee Traveler contain?

A: It holds about 96 fl oz, enough for 12 cups.

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